WhatsApp Rolls Out End to End Encrypted 2022

WhatsApp Rolls Out The instant messaging app is now rolling out complete encryption of chat backups to Android and iOS worldwide. At present, some will not benefit from this feature, but gradually it will become available to everyone.

The owned by Facebook, announced that it will launch end-to-end encrypted cloud backups to both Android and iOS users. This new feature is designed to protect the backup of the user from third party access.

WhatsApp Rolls Out Secure your End-to-End encrypted Backups on Whatsapp

WhatsApp Rolls Out End to End Encrypted

This feature will become available gradually to all. If you are not able to view the update, you can manually update by accessing Settings. You’ll need to keep a password or key to access the encrypted backup.

Remember, if you lose your password or key, you won’t be capable of restoring your end-to-end encrypted backup. Therefore, ensure that you remember the password you can recall easily or write it down somewhere.

Facebook President Mark Zuckerberg announced the rollout of the feature in the announcement of his page. Facebook said in the blog post,

How to Enable End-to-end Encryption for Whatsapp Backup?

End-to-end encryption of cloud backups is now rolling out for Android and iOS users across the globe. To benefit from this feature, ensure that you are using the most current version of Whatsapp on your device.

If the feature has not been updated automatically, you can update it manually by visiting Settings > Chats > Chat Backups Encrypted End-to-End backups. Follow the steps on the computer screen. Then, click Done and wait for a few minutes.

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The Whatsapp backups of users are indeed saved within Google Drive or iCloud, which means that Apple or Google can provide it to governments if they need to. With the latest update and available, the Whatsapp Cloud backups remain secured by using a password or the encryption key that is 64-digits. Only you can access this password, and nobody another person will be able to access your backups.

Notice: Now you can secure your encrypted backup from end to end with the password that you prefer or a key to encryption with 64 digits only you have. The backup service provider, neither WhatsApp nor the backup provider, will be able to access your backups or get access to the key to unlock the encryption.


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