What is VulkanRT (Runtime Libraries) – Is it a Virus or Not

In today’s digital world, it’s challenging to meet someone who doesn’t own a computer at home if you’re one of the people who have looked through programs files (x86) directory on your computer and come on a folder known as VulkanRT. Is it possible that you are wondering how this program gets onto your PC? You didn’t have the authority to authorize it. Also, is it damaging to your PC as well? Should you take it off? You can read this article to learn more about VulkanRT (Runtime Libraries) – Is it a virus. Let’s get started!

What is VulkanRT (Runtime Libraries) - Is it a Virus or Not

What is VulkanRT (Runtime Libraries)

VulkanRT or Vulkan Runtime Libraries is essentially a low overhead graphic API that is cross-platform. It gives more effective and more precise management of your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and reduces CPU use. To put it in simple terms. It is also helpful in increasing the performance of many 3D applications. This includes interactive media, as well as video games. Furthermore, VulkanRT consistently distributes the load over a multi-core CPU. Additionally, it also reduces the amount of CPU used.

Many refer toVulkanRT as being the next version of API. However, it’s not an entire replacement. AMD’s Mantle API of AMD also develops it. AMD also donated its API API Khronos to aid in creating an API at a lower level that they can common to all.

The functions of this program are essentially the same as those are available in Mantle, Direct3D 12, and Metal. However, VulkanRT supports many operating systems and the third-party support of macOS and iOS.


  • The program enables you to increase the capacity of multi-core CPUs.
  • It reduces the diver overhead, leading to lower CPU utilization
  • This means that the CPU can focus on rendering or computation.
  • The program handles the compute kernels and shaders with graphics, which are unified and also.


  • It is more complicated for cross-platform graphics management with management, particularly when it is compared to OpenGL.
  • It’s not compatible with every app. Therefore, it limits the graphics performance in a variety of applications on specific devices.

What happened to me that led me to get VulkanRT on my computer?

The next thing I’m going to speak to readers about is how you get VulkanRT on your computer in the first location. First, If you have recently installed the latest graphic drivers on an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, you may see VulkanRT. In this case, the program was downloaded at the time you upgraded your drivers.

In another scenario, perhaps you’ve upgraded to a better graphics card. In this instance, the program was installed the moment you downloaded the latest GPU drivers on your PC.

Additionally, VulkanRT can also install when you upload an update to a game. Another option is that many of the games use VulkanRT, and for a lot of them, it’s not a requirement to play the game.

Should I remove VulkanRT from my computer?

There’s no reason to use it. It is a program that comes in every time you get games downloaded or install drivers. Additionally, it is essential for many different applications, so I recommend saving it to your PC. It’s not a virus; consequently, you should ignore it if your antivirus is displaying an alert.

What should I do to reinstall VulkanRT?

Suppose you’re one of those who have uninstalled VulkanRT due to fear of infection and then came to be aware of its benefits. You want to install it once more. However, you’re left with no idea of how to do it.

It’s not an easy process since the application cannot be downloaded by itself online. Therefore, if you would like to install VulkanRT for the second time, then you will be required to install the appropriate game or driver for graphics on your computer another time. This means that you have to allow you to install VulkanRT on your computer effectively.


This is it from my perspective. Suppose you’d like to learn more about this article or have any questions. Feel free to contact me in the comments below.

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