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New Feature WhatsApp has a new picture in picture UI

Google Play Beta Program, updating the version of the app to There’s a brand new WhatsApp update that was submitted to Google Play Beta Program. As always, the folks at WaBetaInfo dissected the software program for new features. What they discovered.

New Feature WhatsApp has a new picture-in-picture UI

It appears that there’s a brand updated and improved version of the picture-in-picture feature that allows you to watch videos you’ve shared through the application. The changes are purely cosmetic. However – the previous version offered controls for sharing, play/pause, and full-screen within the video window, and the new UI adds an option bar for control.

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It’s pretty apparent – currently, all the controls used for video-in-picture are now on a grey strip just below the video. There are no changes to the functionality that are being implemented. However, having the controls located outside the PiP box could increase the viewing experience.

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The restrictions previously placed on PiP on WhatsApp remain in effect to the latest version of the UI. You can now utilize hyperlinks from YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook in addition to ShareChat or Streamable. The feature is compatible with video calls too.

The newly designed PiP UI is available only in the beta version of the application, but it’s likely to be released to the stable version shortly.

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