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Microsoft Teams: Hours after a Global Disruption, is back Online

Microsoft Teams app was unavailable for thousands of users, as reported by users, and Microsoft looked into the matter, according to the outage monitoring website

On Wednesday, there were over 4,800 occurrences where users reported problems with Teams.

Microsoft tweeted earlier today that they are looking into the problem after hearing complaints of people being unable to use the Teams app.

Microsoft Teams

However, a request for comment from the technological behemoth Microsoft was not met with an instant response.

The link to an internal storage service was disrupted in a recent deployment, we’ve found.

To lessen the effect, we are trying to reroute traffic to a healthy service, Microsoft tweeted.

The business said, “Our telemetry suggests that Microsoft Teams functionality is starting to restore.”

About The App

The MS 365 family of products includes the proprietary business communication tool known as Microsoft Teams.

Teams offers workplace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration, and largely competes with the comparable service Slack.

Teams will eventually take the place of Microsoft’s current enterprise communications and collaboration tools, such Skype for Business and MS Classroom.

As more meetings went online during the COVID-19 epidemic, Teams and other programmes like Zoom and Google Meet attracted a lot of attention.

It has over 250 million monthly users as of 2021.

Teams was introduced by Microsoft in a New York event, and on March 14, 2017, it became live globally.

It was developed during a company-wide hackathon, and MS Corporate Vice President Brian MacDonald is presently in charge of it.

On top of the Electron framework from GitHub, which combines the Chromium rendering engine and the Node.js JavaScript platform, Teams is a web-based desktop application.

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