How to Block | hulu ad blocker Skip Ads 5 Method 2022

hulu ad blocker :There are a lot of streaming sites for video online. Of all of them, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ stand out from the rest of the pack. Technical has shared a lot of pieces about Disney+ along with Netflix. Today, we’re going to discuss Hulu.

How to Block | hulu ad blocker Skip Ads 5 Method 2022

If you’re not aware, Hulu is an online platform for streaming both new and old shows, as well as live TV in almost every media. It’s among the top selections among video streamers. Like Netflix, Hulu is also a premium provider.

The premium package of Hulu begins at $5.99 each month, and its Live TV option is priced at $64.99 per month. Worse, the basic plan offered by Hulu includes advertisements. Sometimes, ads were as long as a minute and interrupted the experience.

How to Block | hulu ad blocker Skip Ads 5 Method 2022

Therefore, if you wish to stream videos with no interruptions, you must first remove the advertisements. Here, we’ll provide the most effective ways to remove Hulu ads until 2022. Let’s take a look.

Using Chrome Extension

How to Block  hulu ad blocker Skip Ads 5 Method 2021

There are hundreds of ad blocker extensions available in the Chrome store on the web. You can install any Chrome AdBlocker extension to eliminate ads that are on Hulu. There are many extensions to block ads, such as Ad-Block Plus, which works perfectly on Hulu.

On Techviral, we’ve already published an extensive list of top ads Blocker extensions for Chrome. Check out this article to discover an extension that is suitable for you.

Use Two Hulu Tabs

Use Two Hulu Tabs

Video streamers typically depend on this method to eliminate advertisements. While the process may not always work but it’s worth a shot. Follow the easy steps in the following paragraphs to Skip Hulu ads.

  • Open Hulu on your web browser and select a movie you would like to stream.
  • Then, right-click on the tab card that is currently open and choose “Duplicate.’
  • Now you can stream the same video on two different tabs.
  • Muffle the volume on the second tab and then speed forward for a couple of seconds before the first advertisement (Ad identified ads with an additional color on the bar for stream)
  • Then go to the first tab and then stream your video.
  • Then, whenever the 1st commercial begins, switch to the second tab and view the commercial there.

It’s over! You are done. It recommended that you repeated the trick over and over again between the advertisements. There is only one drawback: it could boost your internet usage.

Setup AdGuard DNS

Ad Guard DNS

Those who aren’t aware that AdGuard DNS is a reliable method to stop advertisements for Windows 10. No matter what apps you’re using, AdGuard DNS filters out the trackers, ads, and the analytic system.

The process of setting up AdGuard DNS may be complex, but it can eliminate ads from all kinds of apps, browsers, games, websites, and more. We’ve already provided in-depth instruction on the best way to configure the AdGuard DNS feature on Windows 10. Be sure to read the article.

Reload Hulu Frequently

A refresh of the Hulu page won’t eliminate the ads, but it’ll replace long-running adverts with short ones. If you see an advertisement with a long duration, refresh the stream tab. After refreshing, you’ll notice the ads speed up.

It’s a great feature because Hulu restarts the playback of media from that you left off. But, this trick doesn’t perform every time.

Buy the Hulu (No ads) account

Its Premium plan, which starts at $11.99 per month, is free of ads. It may seem expensive, but it’s worth it because it gets rid of long-running advertisements from the Hulu account. Additionally, it unlocks you can use the Download & Watch feature that is not available in this plan.

However, the add-ons stay identical for both the base plan as well as the Hulu A-free plan.

This article is about blocking Hulu advertisements. This article hopefully has helped you! Could you share it with your friends as well? If you’ve got any concerns regarding this, please tell us about it via the comment section below.

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