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how to raise hand in zoom – Fully Explain Both Win & Mac

how to raise hand in zoom: Although video conferencing applications have certainly brought people closer and helped simulate working conditions, they don’t have the interpersonal interactions that result from actual meetings, such as how you get your host’s attention when you’re in a conference call with 50 others. In this post, we will discuss how to Get Hands Up on Zoom – Completely explained. Let’s start.

how to raise hand in zoom – Fully Explain Both Win & Mac

Zoom offers a fascinating way to allow users to communicate directly with the event’s person by giving non-verbal feedback. A feedback option permits users to raise their hands during a conference while simultaneously notifying the host.

how to raise hand in zoom on Windows PC and Mac

Suppose you are participating in the Zoom Meeting from your Windows PC or Macbook. Follow this guide to learn how to provide non-verbal comments to your host by making a hand gesture.

  • Use Zoom and join the meeting.
  • Click the ‘Participants’ tab on the lower right of the display. It will open a variety of options for non-verbal feedback.
  • Select the “Raise Hand Option.

Notice: Zoom allows only one type of nonverbal feedback to be in use at any given time.

How to Raise Hand on Android and iPhone

If you’re using the mobile edition of the Zoom application, follow this tutorial to understand how to communicate non-verbal comments to the host simply by moving your fingers.

  • Open Zoom. Launch the Zoom application and then join an event.
  • Click the ‘More’ option located in the lower right-hand part of the display. Then choose the “Raise Hand option.

How to raise your Hand during a phone call

Zoom lets users connect to meetings directly via a phone without the need for an application. In these situations, participants wish to raise their Hand attending a conference on the phone. They need to dial * nine on the dial pad of their phone.

To reduce their Hand for lowering, they must again dial * nine on the phone’s dial pad.

Where is the icon of the Raise Hand?

If a participant raises their Hand during an event, a small hand icon is displayed in the middle of their name. To verify whether the Hand of a participant is raised, click the tab ‘Participants’ at the lower right of the display. It will display the participants who are currently in the call. In this list, you’ll find all the participants that have raised their hands.

Zoom lists participants according to the order that they raised their hands.

In the most recent update, the icon has been replaced by the text button that reads ‘Raise Hand as seen in the above screenshots.

Is the option to raise Hand not available?

There are two possible reasons why a user may not be able to view the Raise hand icon.

  • Zoom reduces the toolbar at the bottom when you’re in fullscreen mode to give you a full-screen experience. If you can’t be able to see the bottom toolbar in an event, here’s how it is possible:
    • For mobile devices, you tap on the screen of your Zoom conference, and then the toolbar should pop up. You can then choose the tab ‘Participants’ and choose ‘Raise Hand’…
    • If you are using a PC On your PC, click on the Zoom screen to reveal the toolbar. Click on the tab called ‘Participants’ and then select ‘Raise Hand.’
  • Request the meeting host to enable nonverbal feedback within the Zoom settings on the web, and enable the Hand Raise Hand feature. When the hosts have deactivated non-verbal feedback during the event, attendees won’t be able to access the option to “Raise Hand or any other feedback.

How can you enable non-verbal feedback Raise Hands-on Zoom

Only the host can allow or deactivate non-verbal feedback during a meeting. Follow these easy steps to learn what you can do.

  • Go to and sign in using the username you created and your password.
  • Click on the tab ‘My Account’ located in the upper right and then choose the ‘Settings’ option (under the tab ‘Personal’).
  • Under the tab ‘Meeting,’ go to “Nonverbal feedback.” Turn the toggle on or off to either enable or disallow participants to provide non-verbal feedback.

How do you reduce your Hand on Zoom?

Suppose you’re a host who acknowledges a participant and a member who lifted their arms (hey, that happens). Follow these easy steps to lower your Hand during a Zoom meeting.

How do you lower a participant’s Hand?

Click on the button ‘Participants. Move the mouse over the name of the participant. Select the option ‘Lower Hand’ to lower the raised Hand.

How can you reduce your own risk?

  • The “Lower Hand ” replaces the “Raise Hand button after using the “Raise Hand ” option.
  • Then, on PC, open the Participants menu again, and then select the lower hand option.
  • If you are on the phone, select the option ‘Lower Hand’ after pressing the More button.
  • Find all participants who took part in the Raising Hands-on Zoom.
  • The easiest method to look up the entire list of participants who raised their hands during the meeting is by clicking on that raised hands icon that you will see on the screen.
  • Alternately, you could go to the menu ‘Participants’ to locate that Raised Hand icon in the middle of those who raised their hands.


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