How To Fix Death Red Screen Issue

If you’ve been a frequent Windows 10 user, you may have heard about or perhaps encountered Blue Screen of Death errors. Have you been aware of this error? Red Screen of Death or RSoD? Red Screen of Death error occurs in some variants of beta version that are part of Windows Vista along with gaming consoles like that of the PlayStation series. It is also known to show up in the initial versions that came with Windows 98.

All Fixes for the “Red Screen of Death”

How To Fix Death Red Screen Issue

Most often, the RSoD error occurs due to hardware errors, like where your computer is running at a high speed. In other cases, the malfunctioning BIOS drivers or drivers could also cause being a Red Screen of Death. To learn more about the cause and finding solutions look into the information below.

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FIX 1: Disable the settings for overclocking:

People often increase their settings to get the most efficient performance possible from their hardware. This can definitely boost performance, however it can also increase the production of heat of your GPU and CPU. Additionally, because of the heat increase, your the GPU or CPU could be unstable or, If you’re not careful it could result in permanent hardware damage.

In the event that you’ve over-clocked your settings, it’s time to get rid of the settings. If you’re experiencing that Red Screen of Death, you must remove all of the overclocking settings. In order to do the same you will need enter to the BIOS settings and then complete the procedure.

FIX 2. Update your BIOS/UEFI

BIOS/UEFI, at times, could result in sometimes, the Red Screen of Death. This is why the best option is to upgrade your BIOS/UEFI to see if it can help or not. For doing so,

  • The first step is to go to the motherboard manufacturer’s site and download the most recent version.
  • The website has complete instructions on how to proceed and, therefore, ensure you have read the instructions below prior to making the decision to proceed. This will assist you to avoid unnecessary damage.

NoteThis technique is not recommended for beginners; therefore should you be cautious to follow this advice, don’t. If you do not follow the correct steps, it could result in permanent harm for your system.

FIX 3: Use a repair tool:

The most effective and speediest solution to fix your Red Screen of Death is by using the repair tool. There are a variety of repair tools that can simply repair any elements that are responsible for the error.

FIX 4. Update your driver for your graphics card:

According to a few users, after they upgraded their Graphic card driver it was reported that the Red Screen of Death error was fixed for the majority of them. You can do the same thing using the procedure described below:

  • First, click on first click on the Windows icon on your desktop then right-click it and choose the option to open the Device Manager. 
  • Then, in the Device Managerwindow Expand display adapters Click on the right-click icon for the graphic carddriver and choose the option to Upgrade Driver.
  • Follow the steps on the screen and finish the procedure.

If this is not the case it is possible to use an update tool for your driver to complete the process in a matter of minutes.

It is also possible to restore your Graphic drivers for your card by clicking the Uninstall option in place of selecting choosing the update driveroption. Then, restart your computer and Windows will install the driver that is missing on your PC.

FIX 5. Uninstall the most recent software installed:

If you have noticed that the Red Screen of Death error appears on your system after you’ve just installed a new program, it is recommended to remove the error and then check for improvements. To do that follow the steps below:

  • Then, start The settings App through pressing Windows + Ialtogether.
  • Then go to Apps> Apps and Features. 
  • The menu is located on the right and then from the list of available applications or software choose to click the “Uninstall” button for the newly installed program.

If that doesn’t assist, then we advise that you use a software uninstaller, which can assist you to remove any files that are related to the software without leaving any trace behind.

FIX 6 Reinstall AMD drivers with Catalyst Control Center:

Try installing your AMD driver without Catalyst Control Center and check whether this helps or it doesn’t. To do this take the steps below:

  • The first step is to first, uninstall your current driver for your graphic card.
  • Start by downloading the most recent AMD drivers..
  • Additionally, run the setup and transfer files to the designated directory within your computer. Remember the location since it can aid further.
  • Now in the event that the setup automatically begins to start, you must stop it.
  • Go to The Windows icon located on your desktop. click it with a right-click and choose the option to open the Device Manager from the context menu.
  • Then, in the Device Manager window expand the Display adapters section. Locate the Graphic adapter you are using, click right on it, then click Update driver.
  • At the next prompt you will be presented with the option Search my computer for the driver program.
  • Navigate to the directory in which AMD driver files were stored before and click to the next button. Prior to that, ensure that you select the box to enable the option to to include subfolders.
  • Finally, restart your computer.

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FIX 7. Retrieve atikmdag.sys file: atikmdag.sys File:

The second solution we suggest is to recover this atikmdag.sys file. To do that you must follow the instructions below:

  • Then, launch the AMD driver folder to look for atikmdag.sy_, then open the folder. atikmdag.sy_ file and then Copy and Paste it onto Your desktop’s display.
  • Then, go to the search bar on your desktop and search for the command and then open Command Prompt from the results of your search. Be sure to run it with access to an administrator.
  • Then, in your Window of Command Prompt enter “chdir Desktop” and hit enter. This will alter your current folder into Desktop.
  • Then type or copy and paste EXPAND.EXE atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys and hit Enter.
  • Stop your Window for Command Prompt.
  • Now navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers and then rename the file to atikmdag.sys.old.
  • Further, move the atikmdag.sys file from your Desktop to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers, and then lastly, restart your computer.

FIX 8. Modify your settings.ini document:

According to the users who have suffered According to the users who have suffered, the Red Screen of Death error is affecting gamers playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 video game. In order to fix it, making changes to settings.ini settings.ini file is required. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Go through Documents Open the Folder BFBC2 and then open it’s settings.ini file.
  • Look at the DxVersion=auto and alter it into DxVersion=9
  • Then, save the changes after which you can restart the game, and then check for improvements.

FIX 9: Overclock your graphics card:

A few of the users who have suffered have said that once they underclocked their systems they experienced they experienced the Red Screen of Death error was resolved for them. According to them, reduce the takt speed of the initial AMD 7870X graphics card and see if this can help. If you’re unsure of the procedure, you could be assisted by a computer or professional expert.

FIX 10. Look for hardware problems:

If none of the previously mentioned solutions have worked for you take a look at hardware problems. Also, as we mentioned earlier the malfunctioning hardware could cause being able to cause the Red Screen of Death problem. We recommend that checking your PC for hardware issues under the supervision of a professional. A damaged computer or CD/DVD reader could be the cause of the problem.

Red Screen of Death error is among the most alarming situations for your computer. so, if you do are able to encounter this error be sure to fix it as quickly as you can.

While the 10 techniques that are listed in the article above can help you to fix this Red Screen of Death error but if not it is recommended to get in touch with a professional. Should you need to address any concerns or feedback, make a note in the box below.

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