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How to Enable or Disable Wake Timers in Windows 10/11

If you own a Windows desktop or laptop and you are aware of it, the operating system has numerous battery-saving functions. For instance On Windows 10 and 11, there is sleep mode, which saves the battery’s power and closes the hard disk to keep it in good state of health.

How to Enable or Disable Wake Timers in Windows 10/11

Although sleep mode is beneficial but many users have encountered issues with it. A lot of users have complained that even when the PC was in sleep mode, the computer instantly awakes. It’s not an incredibly big issue , but it can be quite annoying in the event that it occurs at periodic intervals.

PC awakening from nothing isn’t a sign of error or corruption. It is necessary to make a minor change to the Power options of Windows. If you’re having issues with the Windows sleep feature and are looking for solutions to fix it, then you’ve come to the right article.

Steps to enable or disable Timers in Windows 10/11/11. Timers on Windows 10/11

In this article, we’ll give a step-by step guide for how you can activate or deactivate wake-timers in Windows 10, 11 and. Let’s look at.

1. To begin, you must first, open first the Windows 10/11 control panel. Next, in the Search box search for Power followed by select”Edit power plan” edit power plans option, as shown below.

2. In the Edit Power plan page, select the Advanced setting for power option.

3. If you select the Power option, you’ll need to increase your Sleep choice as illustrated below.

4. In the sleep tab, you can extend the allow Wake Timers option as shown in the image below.

5. If your device is battery enabled, simply click the drop-down next to On Battery and choose the options of Enable or disable.

6. If your PC isn’t battery-powered then you must choose “Enable” or “Disable” from the Plugged In option.

That’s it! You are done. This is how to disallow wake timers in Windows 10/11.

If your PC is waking up from sleep mode by itself there is a good chance you have it is because the Allow wake timers option has been activated. It is possible to disabling it with the help of the methods we’ve given you. We hope that this post has helped you! Share it with your friends as well.

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