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how to block thug life on facebook Easy to Delete

how to block thug life on facebook: Facebook messenger is an expanding instant messaging platform that is constantly adding new features. To increase their users, they are continually adding new features. The latest part that became viral is the capability to play games via Messenger alongside your friends. One of the most popular games with many users is ThugLife, a real-time mafia simulation that lets you play with your pals on Facebook. Let’s get started! You can read this article to learn more about the methods to stop Thug Life on Facebook.

Unfortunately, it has also earned the reputation of being infamous due to its tendency to continuously send out unwanted notifications to its players, which often isn’t helpful at work. And that’s not even counting the frequent interruptions throughout your day. If you’re one of those, who are annoyed with Thug Life’s constant messages and would like to get rid of the game your Facebook Messenger, follow the steps below.

how to block thug life on facebook Messenger

how to block thug life on facebook Easy to Delete

The reasons to remove Thug’s Life game

Game notifications from Thuglife could be disruptive even if you’re doing crucial tasks. Additionally, receiving frequent messages from the game could be irritating. Therefore, the best solution is to remove the Thug Life game on Facebook Messenger and the Facebook app in general.

3 Ways to Stop Thug Life Game & its Notification in Messenger and Facebook app

Here’s the procedure to stop the Thuglife game from sending out notifications. It is easy to follow the steps to eliminate the competition from Messenger and Facebook’s app:

Remove Thug Life via the Facebook app.

If you’re looking to end the thug’s life from Facebook, you might have to comply with these steps:

  • Log into the account you have created on your Facebook profile and then click the hamburger icon in the upper right.
  • The hamburger icon is on the left click on Settings & Privacy. Settings and Privacy.
  • Click on the Settings from the menu of choices.
  • Go to the Instant Games section, which is under Security…
  • Select Thug Life from the active tab.
  • When the Thug Life details window opens, select Open to close the Instant Game.
  • Make sure that you’re checking the box that says, ‘ Also delete your game history on Facebook. This will ensure that you do not receive any additional messages or notifications from Thuglife.
  • Click the remove button to stop the thug-life game as well as its notifications in Messenger.
  • In the end, you’ll receive a confirmation message showing informing you that the game has been deleted. Click Done to confirm.

Eliminate Thug Life on Facebook Messenger | block thug life

To receive constant notifications about Thug life, you can use Facebook messenger; you need to follow these steps. Follow these steps to get rid of Thug Life out of Facebook messenger.

  • First, launch your Facebook Messenger app on your phone.
  • You can now search for the Thug Life game by using the search box or browse the latest notification chat in thug life.
  • To ensure you don’t receive any further notifications from thug life. Tap on the drop-down menu option at the top right corner of the screen, as illustrated below. In the drop-down menu, you must turn off to turn off the switch that allows notifications and messages.
  • Go back to your profile area, and click the Profile icon located in the upper-left right-hand corner.
  • You must start Account Settings. Control Panel in the menu.
  • Then, look for ‘ Instant Games Under your section Security. Section.
  • In the Instant Games section, you must select the Thug Life game within the Active tab.
  • If the Thug Life game information is displayed, scroll down and hit ‘ Remove Instant Game.’
  • Select the option that states, ” Also delete your game history on Facebook.” This will erase the history of the game. This means you won’t ever receive game notifications or messages.
  • Finally, hit the remove button to end the thug-life match as well as its reports in Messenger. Similar to that, to remove any other instant game, you could do the same thing.

Remove Game Notifications on Facebook Block Thug Life

Here’s the process you can use if you have not yet received notifications from Thug Life on Facebook messenger as well:

  • The first step is to must open Facebook Messenger on your phone.
  • Click on the Profile icon located in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Then scroll down and go to the Account Settings.
  • In Account Settings, you can click to open the tabs for Websites and Apps in Security. Security section.
  • Select the option ‘ No Under the Games and App notifications. In this way, you will not receive messages from the Instant game Thug Life.

Games on Facebook that do not provide annoying notifications

Instant games are an excellent opportunity to play with your pals online, and, in general, they are heavily made to be monetized. Even though Facebook does its best to control the platform, it is not able to regulate new. And emerging developers are trying to get around these rules using numerous methods and to make their games instant with advertisements, notifications and even in-app purchases. This allows them to monetize their apps better, making more money, but this results in an unsatisfactory user experience.

Facebook is working to resolve the issue, but several data leaks and unethical methods seem to rip through their cracks regularly. Fortunately, Facebook has made instant games available on their Facebook app and eliminated them from Messenger entirely. If you’re still looking to play games online alongside the other friends you have on Facebook, there are some games you can play that won’t risk your data and also send out regular notifications.

  • Uno
  • Words With Friends
  • Ludo King
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Draw Something
  • Quiz Planet


This is it from my perspective. Suppose you’d like to know more about the “block thug life” article or have questions. Feel free to inquire about anything in the comments below.

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