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How to combine videos iphone & IPAD

ombine videos iphone & IPAD :We’ll show you how to merge videos on iPhone and iPad with the iMovie in this video tutorial. In terms of smartphone photography, there’s no other device that can compete with Apple devices. The computational photography technique can record many of the impressive snaps compared to other smartphones.  This is why most users use their iPhone camera for video recordings of everyday use, and the results are usually not worth a mention.

How to combine videos iphone & IPAD

Additionally, you can utilize the Photos application on your device to make certain editing adjustments. It’s a good app, but it’s primarily essential functions and focuses on editing a single video at one time. What if you want to merge several small videos to make a more extensive video? In that scenario, some third-party applications can do the job. 

Yet, iMovie stands right there in the top position when it comes to the ability to combine videos on iPhone and iPad. This guide will show how to make the most use of this application. Follow the guide.

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How to combine videos on iPhone and iPad using iMovie

The video editor by Apple is a great tool to offer the user. In addition to the ability to combine videos and the ability to apply effects, themes, or transitions and rearrange videos according to your desired arrangement. You can also add text to the videos, slow it down or increase its speed, alter the audio volume, and add background music you like.

In addition, it has the option for cropping to the length you want or applying the effect of zoom. These features are direct from Apple and are free of cost; well, it’s hard to be any better than this! This guide will concentrate specifically on one iMovies feature that is the most beneficial, which is the ability to mix several videos on the iPhone and your iPad.

Instruction Steps

  1. First, install the application iMovie through the App Store on Your Apple device.
  2. When you launch the app, you’ll be greeted by the Welcome screen. Tap Continue.
  3. Tap on Create Project.
  4. Choose the Movie option on the New Project menu.
  5. The process will take you into the video gallery. Choose the videos you want to mix and click the Create Movie button situated at the lower right.
  6. Then, you will be directed to your iMovie display screen. You can add desired transition effects to your videos or alter the order you display the clips.
  7. After you have completed editing, click the Done option located on the left side of the screen.
  8. After that, tap the Share button located at the bottom of the menu bar.
  9. Select to select the Saved Video option.
  10. The process of saving the video could take a while, depending on the number of videos you’re combining and the size of the individual clips. While keeping the footage, it’s advised to run the app in the background. After the process is completed, you will access the video via your Photos app.

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