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Guys, Apple Launch Cleaning Cloth For Mac Laptop & Iphone

Very often, when Apple organizes an event to launch, the hangover can last for days before disappearing off the internet due to the items it unveiled to the public. Although the most recent event was a big hit regarding the new MacBook Pro and AirPods however, the products were quickly discarded when Apple released polishing cloths after the event. However, the item that caught the most attention wasn’t the item, but the price that is around Rs 1,900 & 19 Dollar.

Guys, Apple Launch Cleaning Cloth For Mac Laptop & Iphone

What is the reason for such a steep price?

Since its introduction online, people aren’t holding back from questioning the rationale behind the product, with hilarious responses. But before we go into the reactions, let’s take a look at the reason the reasons why the cloth comes at being priced at such a high cost.

Simple, it’s Apple. But it’s hard to distinguish between this Apple cloth and the standard microfibre cloth. The product is said to be made of an unabrasive material. What determines the quality of the fabric is a small logo of the company in the corner and the compatibility with Apple products that range from the most recent iPhone up to iPhone 6 and MacBook versions of 2012. If you are interested in purchasing the cloth, Apple will even offer an EMI on the product for just Rs 224 monthly.

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While the trillion-dollar corporation launched various products ranging from MacBook Pro and HomePod Minis, netizens have been weighing in on what the latest cloth is all about. Twitter users have been seen mocking the fabric. One wrote, “Apple has launched the “Polishing cloth” to cleanse its devices for INR 1900 (25dollars). I’m waiting for them to introduce a second “cloth” to wash it up “polishing cloth”.

The Internet responses

Another user commented, “Wow! Thank you, Apple! I’ve been trying to figure out for the past ten years how to get my iPhone clean. Oh, I’m glad to have the perfect cloth!”

Apart from mocking the concept, Netizens also commented on the compatibility list of the cloth released by Apple that covered a wide variety of items. Check out the jokes.

While the Twitter chatter is taking place, The cloth has already been sold out. Apple will resume shipment of polishing cloth in November.

News Summary:

  • Apple sells polishing cloths at Rs 1900. The reactions on Twitter aren’t enough.

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