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Google Banned Three Malicious Android Apps from Play Store

Google Banned Three Malicious to protect people who download these apps. These are photo editing applications that are popular today. The majority of users utilize these apps to edit their images to look stunning.

These malware-based apps were using tricks to deceive users by asking for their details and stealing funds. It asks the users to sign in using Facebook and input their details.

Google Banned Three Malicious Android Apps from Play Store

A security firm Kaspersky discovered three apps currently out of the Google Play Store.

Google Banned Three Malicious Android Apps from Play Store

Numerous apps and web services use the “Login With Facebook” or the “Login with Facebook” button to authenticate users and permit them to use the service without requiring the username and password. Many of the most popular apps, such as Spotify and Tinder, also utilize the same method.

While legitimate apps do not use their users to click the “Login with Facebook” button, most fraudulent apps trick users by using the same trick and stealing personal data.

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List of apps that have been banned from the Google Play Store

As of now, Google has removed three applications for editing photos:

  • ” Magic Photo Lab – Photo Editor”
  • “Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor”
  • “Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021

As per the cybersecurity specialist at a cybersecurity firm, all three apps had over 500,000 downloads at their removal.

Bleeping Computer was the first to share the news and has advised users to be aware when downloading any photo editor software that has recently been released to its store.

If you’ve downloaded any of the mentioned apps, erase them immediately to protect your login credentials. The security strategist who is the principal, Tim Mackey, said.

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“Users must be sure to scrutinize the scope of any token that is granted when they sign-up to an application using central login services to ensure it doesn’t allow access that isn’t necessary.

This month, Google has blocked 150 apps from Play Store. Additionally, it has blocked additional apps that used techniques to gain access to private and personal information.

Beware of these apps. Make sure to read the reviews and ratings before downloading any of these apps. If after you have downloaded, you may are suspicious, don’t proceed to delete the application immediately.

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