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Chromebooks could soon set one of Iphone & Mac OS New Feature

Chromebooks have already been integrated with smartphones, allowing you to view your latest notifications, recent photos, and battery status within your Phone Hub living on the right-hand part of the Chrome OS taskbar. As revealed through Google’s Chrome Unboxed, you may soon be able to make phone calls directly from your Chromebook, which is very similar to the features Apple has offered for years using Continuity with MacBooks or iPhones.

Chromebooks could soon set one of Iphone & Mac OS New Feature

Chromebooks could soon set one of Iphone & Mac OS New Feature

As spotted in a Chromium Gerrit entry, an upcoming flag called PhoneHub Call Notification will allow you to enable a so-called “Incoming/Ongoing call notification feature.” When digging deeper into the entrance, it becomes clear that this functionality is supposed to be part of the Phone Hub. The language indeed suggests that you won’t only be able to see notifications, but that you’ll be able to take and make calls right on your computer: “Enables the incoming/ongoing call feature in Phone Hub.”

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Chrome Unboxed suggests that this is a part of the forthcoming Eche bridge software, a tool for system administration found through Android Police that establishes a profound relationship to Chromebooks and Pixel phones. In addition to the ability to make phone calls, we discovered that it lets you access phone notifications on your Chromebook and have your phone’s screen mirroring on Chrome OS.

Although phone calls may be a bit further away, I wouldn’t be shocked that Google launched the first of its Eche features along with that of the Pixel 6 and gave its new phone lineup a particular part.

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