All Devices iCloud Bypass with Checkra1n Step by Step Solutions

IPhone 6 to iPhone X, Checkra1n provides untethered iCloud bypass solutions for all devices – from iPhone 6 to iPhone X! Not only can you restart your device with it, but even erase all content and settings and it will still be bypassed! Once again, never see this popup again! To get started on this journey with Checkra1n – a huge thank you to its developers for making that utility possible; let’s just jump right in!

All Devices iCloud Bypass with Checkra1n Step by Step Solutions

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for for so long and it has finally arrived!

iCloud Bypass Step by Step :-

  • Download the tools needed for the iCloud Bypass
  • Put iPhone in DFU mode
  • Exploit device with Checkra1n
  • Run iCloud Bypass software in Python
  • Enjoy!
  • Restart / Erase data whenever you want!

I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to do this bypass step by step in a tutorial that should make sense and be easy to follow so let’s get into it.

First Download the tools needed fo the iCloud bypass

All you have to do is go to and look for the Checkra1n iCloud bypass package, click it to be taken to a Mega page where all you have to do is click “download” and it will download directly into your downloads folder.

Now all you have to do is bring it out to your desktop and double click it open. Here are all of the tools necessary for bypassing, starting with this Checkra1n installer. If you don’t already have it installed, go ahead and double-click this to install Checkra1n.

All Devices iCloud Bypass with CHECKRA1N Step by Step Solutions

Python installer 3.8 is essential if you don’t already have it installed on your computer; even if you do, running this will ensure that you always have the most up-to-date version.

Put iPhone in DFU mode

Now you should have everything necessary for our iCloud bypass procedure, so let’s put this aside for now and launch Checkra1n. When Checkering opens up, plug your iPhone into the computer and it should detect it in normal mode; however, to make this work, we need to be running in DFU mode.

To enter DFU mode on a device, hold down both the power button for three seconds, then the home button until your screen goes black. Wait about three seconds and release both buttons; this should place your device into DFU mode which Checkra1n loves and will use to exploit.

We’ll just click “start,” but if your device boots up fully and Checkra1n says failed or something similar, you’ll just have to enter DFU mode again and try again.

Exploit device with Checkra1n

All Devices iCloud Bypass with CHECKRA1N Step by Step Solutions

Let’s open Checkra1n while in DFU mode by typing “start.” We should now see the verbose boot, which is our beautiful Checkra1n exploit that goes all the way from boot ROM to kernel and beyond. At this point, let it do its thing – should take only seconds! Once complete, we should have our device fully exploited!

Run iCloud Bypass software in Python

Let’s leave the check rain utility aside for now and open up Python Launcher. Alternatively, you could go directly into iCloud bypass software package, locate TCP relay.pi file, right-click it and choose to open with Python launcher.

If you have never used Python launcher before, the easiest way to get started is simply going to this file and saying open with Python launcher; two terminal windows should now appear.

All Devices iCloud Bypass with CHECKRA1N Step by Step Solutions

You’ll want to close out the large preferences pane and navigate directly to two terminal windows. Here, you’ll see a file called commands which should be in rich text format. Open up commands to view an exhaustive list of all necessary commands for this procedure.

Go ahead and copy the first one by pressing Command C and paste it in a text-heavy terminal window. That window with more text should now appear where you pasted your copied information, which will now be forwarded onto someone else.
Imagine two terminal windows working together; in order for one to function properly, we need to set up this terminal window first.

So now that we’ve set up this one we’re just going to leave it aside and move on to this main one where we’re going to be doing all the good stuff.

Now let’s copy and paste the second command. Click “Enter,” and we are presented with a yes/no prompt.
Let’s say yes and it will prompt us for a password. I’ll enter alpine as my password and hit enter; now we should see this: -bash-3.2# If everything went as expected at this stage, congratulations! You now have successfully completed Checkra1n’s icloud bypass process!

The device is still on the activation page and still an iCloud locked device.

  • Now we need to copy and paste the next command into this field, then proceed with it.
  • Now we need to copy and paste in an echo command with some parentheses and mount read-write copy, so paste that in here and hit enter.
  • Now let us finish up by doing all these commands necessary for bypassing now that we’ve finished.

All we need to do is copy and paste this command, click enter, and every time after that it will loop back at -bash-3.2#; this is exactly what we want!

Let’s continue. This next one may take a little longer because it needs to make some changes to our device; copy that code and click enter even if it seems slow; don’t continue until you see “-bash-3.2#”, our device just turned off right here and now appears to be on its springboard.”

Now all we have to do is stay back and click enter; at this point, the device should respring and go directly back to its home page.

Guys this is it. Enjoy!

Check it out – we are now on the home screen with all applications working!
Let me go into Settings app now to show you that there’s no iCloud present. At this point, it is a full bypass and all data has been erased from our device. We are all done with computer maintenance now!

Once we remove the USB cable, we can restart our device without iCloud being bypassed.
We still have the Checkra1n here which may disappear eventually, but this is truly remarkable. It works on any device – so if you own an iPhone 6, 7, 8, or X with any iOS version, simply upgrade to the latest one and it will always work with the Checkra1n – so yeah, this is it.

I really hope you all had an enjoyable experience with this bypass. This is truly the best ever released, so please spread the word; there are so many people out there with locked devices and we want everyone to have this chance at having their devices functioning as normal iPhones again.

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