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Repairing new Apple MacBook Pro laptops easier: iFixit teardown

iFixit teardown As with each new Apple device the repair-oriented website iFixit has released its teardown videos for the latest model, the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The video provides us with the first glimpse of internal components, as well as modifications to the internal design that will allow for better repairability over the prior MacBook laptops.

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Repairing new Apple MacBook Pro laptops easier: iFixit teardown

Repairing new Apple MacBook Pro laptops easier: iFixit teardown

iFixit has stated that accessing the new 16 inch MacBook Pro is simple as the back panel can be secured by two screws. Additionally there are a lot of improvements in the areas of the internal design including battery, speaker system logic board, I/O , and other things that make it easier to repair than previous MacBooks.

This time, Apple is no longer fixing the batteries with glue and instead has chosen to use adhesive pull tabs , which allow the battery to be removed more simple and easier than. However, there are some things that have to be addressed prior to taking the batteries out. One of them is the brand new speaker system that is located close to the battery. The second is that you must get rid of the entire trackpad and take off the adhesive tabs on the two batteries.

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But, it’s superior to the old battery that was glued, making it nearly impossible to replace.

The latest MacBook Pro comes with more ports, including the SD slot as well as HDMI port as well as Thunderbolt ports, an audio Jack, as well as a MagSafe charger. These USB-C ports as well as MagSafe ports, and audiojack can be interchanged and are able to be changed however they are not replaceable. HDMI and SD slot are glued on the logic board with storage and memory and cannot be replaced.

The replacement of port modules can be easy. iFixit has reported that these ports have been located in a secure screwed chassis. In order to remove them you must remove all the logic boards. This involves removing all cables and screws. This could be a challenging job.

In terms of repairs, Apple products are usually difficult to fix. But, with the latest MacBook Pros, it seems that Apple has taken a few aspects into consideration that will need replacement at some point or have a high chance of being damaged, such as ports, batteries, etc.

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