All LYF Jio Boot Key For Flashing 2023


All Jio Boot Key is here. Today we are going to share All LYF Jio Boot for flashing  Most Jio keypad phones works on Qualcomm and SPD based CPU and supports “emergency download mode” or “EDL mode”. This EDL mode or download mode is very helpful if your device bricked and you can’t unbrick  Jio phone using ADB command. If you are using any Jio feature phone which is based on Qualcomm chipsets and want to unbrick any Xiaomi devices then you can boot LYF Jio phones into EDL mode by using boot key.


In simple words, the boot key is a key which accesses a device driver to install firmware on the mobile phone.

All LYF Jio Boot Key For Flashing edl mode or download mode

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Jio has launched more than 16 Keypad phones and all phones can be flashed using Flash tool like UMT, miracle, SPD upgrade tool, QFIL by pressing proper boot key.


Here are the All LYF Jio Boot Keys

LYF Jio mobile Boot Keys
Jio LF2401 Power Key
Jio LF2402 Power Key
Jio LF2403 * & #
Jio F90m UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F30c UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F61f JIO Key
Jio F81e Press 5 key
Jio F41t Press 1 key
Jio F50y UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key )
Jio F101K Press 3 ke
Jio F120b * & #
Jio F220b * & #
Jio F221s *

The steps of pressing the boot key

  1. turn off your mobile and remove the battery and reinsert.
  2. nnnn
  3. press and hold the select button and insert the USB cable thought mobile to pc.
  4. nnnn
  5. The flashing process begins then release the select button.
  6. n

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This is all about All LYF Jio Boot Key of  Jio devices. EDL mode or download mode is must for Ji o devices if you are going to flash stock ROM to unbrick any Xiaomi device. Here in this post, we listed all possible way to enable EDL mode or download mode on LYF Jio phones. for a different condition,


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