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adobe max 2021 continues to push its AI expansion

adobe max 2021 :In these past few months, Adobe has gone all-in on AI. Its MAX annual conference is again in full view across the latest updates to all its products, which are driven through its Sensei AI platform. They range from smarter masking tools and preset recommendations in Lightroom and the capability of transferring colors across images within Photoshop and even into a body-tracking tool feature in Character Animator.

If you’ve ever used Photoshop, you’ve experienced the frustration of trying to select precisely an object, manipulate it. Utilizing this “magic wand,” after all, was never not to be magical at all. In the past, Adobe added the object selection tool that uses AI to aid you in this. With the most recent version, Adobe is also introducing auto-masking. It takes this another step by automatically recognizing various objects that appear in an image. Adobe is transparent that it isn’t able to detect all objects now, but the company says the feature will get better in the future.

Similar to last year, Adobe introduced what it called ” neural filters.” They were able to add the capability to enhance an older black and white image, improve portraits, enhance depth blur, and zoom in on an image using the neural network that is automatically trying to reproduce all the specifics.

adobe max 2021 continues to push its AI expansion

Adobe max 2021 continues to push its AI expansion

This year, the program is unveiling a feature known as “landscape mixer.” By shifting a couple of sliders, you can alter your image to appear as if it was taken in winter or fall, for instance, by using a preset set or creating your custom presets. If you have dull foreground and you’d prefer a more green-colored image, Find an image that features a lush green landscape that can be incorporated into the look and feel, and you’re good to start.

Additionally, depth blur is a feature that was available previously but now allows you to change the focal distance following the fact and looks somewhat higher-end than a prior filter, which was mostly concentrated on blurring the entire area around the object of an image.

Additionally, in Lightroom, the photo editors can now use a new feature that will automatically select the sky (and reverse that feature to choose the rest of the photo also). Another feature new to Lightroom but not related to AI is a brand new Remix tab under the Discover section. It lets photographers show their work publicly and let people see the changes they’ve made and perhaps make modifications to work.

adobe max 2021 continues to push its AI expansion

Videographers, Adobe adds a feature for AI in Premiere Pro that can automatically adapt the duration of a song video clip to match the size of an entire video. This new feature (somewhat inconveniently called “Remix”) ensures that you don’t fade out at the beginning of a song once a sequence ends. It automatically cuts out the audio so that the song’s ending remains in the middle of the sequence when you cut an audio video. It was first made available by Adobe Audition, the audio editor part of the Creative Cloud Suite.

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Other changes in Creative Cloud are Creative Cloud Web, a brand new platform to manage, access, and share libraries and files online. The beta is still private and is only available for download in Fresco, Illustrator, XD and Photoshop. It’ll include a live collaboration platform where teams can include stickers, text, and images to their assets. It’s important to note the fact that it isn’t Photoshop nor XD on the internet. It’s just a forum to discuss assets and projects.

Don’t be discouraged, as Photoshop and Illustrator online are getting support for some of the most basic editing tools within the browser.

As is the norm, there are many other updates to the Creative Cloud tools. One thing that’s for certain is that Adobe is investing heavily in AI to ease the process for both hobbyists and professionals in the creative field. In some ways, it’s getting closer with competitors such as Skylum’s Luminar AI, which has made AI the primary element of their apps. Adobe’s benefit is the size of its features, but it will be difficult to duplicate for any brand newcomer.

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