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How to Test & Adjust Your Microphone on Windows 11

Adjust Your Microphone on Windows 11: Services for voice and video calls on Windows are useless without a microphone. The microphone is among the most effective input devices, allowing users to join online meetings, chat with friends or family members via Skype or other platforms, etc.

It is true that the microphone can be used for other purposes however, you must first to set it up and test it to get the best audio experience. To help you deal with issues related to microphones, Windows 11 offers you an instrument to test your microphone.

How to Test & Adjust Your Microphone on Windows 11

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Test & Adjust Your Microphone on Windows 11

When your mic is loud, or too quiet, or isn’t functioning, there’s a simple method to test the quality of your audio input device as well as the level of it on Windows 11.

Therefore, in this post, we’ll provide a step-by-step tutorial for testing your microphone using Windows 11.

It is important to note: Before following the steps, be sure that the microphone that you’d like for testing is in fact connected to your computer.

1. Then, right-click on the sound icon located in the tray of your system and choose the Sound Options.

2. It will start the page for Sound settings. On the page, scroll down to look for in the Input section.

3. Then, click on the Arrow button on the right side of the microphone as illustrated in the image below.

4. Then, on the screen that follows you can click”Start test” in the middle of the screen. Test your Microphone button that is located behind the Test Your Microphone.

5. If your Microphone is functioning properly, you’ll see an orange bar on the slider for Input Volume moving in a left-to-right direction while you speak.

6. Once the test is finished when the test is completed, you’ll be able to see the results at the bottom of the Start button.

7. The best result you can achieve during the Microphone test is 75 percent. Anything lower than 50% indicates it is too quiet.

8. If, for instance, your microphone isn’t loud enough you can click on the input Volume slider and then increase the volume. If your microphone has too much volume, you will need to reduce the volume.

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It’s over! You are done. After you have made the necessary adjustments, you are able to hit”Start test” to check your microphone once more.

This guide will show you testing you Microphone with Windows 11. I hope this guide has was helpful to you! Please pass it on to your acquaintances as well. Should you be in any questions about this, inform us via the comment section below.

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